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Game News
Dear visitor, welcome to the home of IBM!

Now, what is IBM?

IBM is a  highly BM orientated imperial/neutral guild, with large interest in all different aspects of the game.
Be it heroics, Hoth, questing, crafting (especially the beast crafting content and mutation attempts), PVP,  Space or even Roleplay... many of our members enjoy more than just one side of Star Wars Galaxies.
International as we are we have players from the american continent, Europe (Germany, France, UK), Skandinavia (Norway,Sweden), Russia, most of the time somebody usually will be online to do stuff with if the others are up for it.
We like our familiar stressfree atmosphere where people help each other, be it with tokens or quests, advices in crafting beasts or mutations, refining enzymes, crafting weapons or gear.
We have a  guild city on Talus:

Darasuum Tome

A  rank 5 Metropolis with specialisation Research Center.

and a small  DNA City on Lok:

New Dosha

There are some plain boring facts about us that might be of interest :)

Server: Starsider

PA Abbreviation: IBM

PA Mission Statement: friendship, fun, humor, group activities of all kinds be it PvP or PvE, Beast Mastery

GLORY TO THE EMPEROR we are Imperials!

# of members: 120 (including alts)

# of active members: 20-50

PA activity (how many people are normally on): since we are international with members from Europe as well as Members from the states we usually always have someone around most of the time. so its between 4-20

Location: IBM has its home in Darasuum Tome on Talus, a  rank 5 Metropolis with Research Center specialisation

Accepting new members (yes/no): Always

Contacts: Cerene, Lucidique, Cateye's, Cerelyn, Ceramel, Atilia, Shotgun', Nileh, Lissarkh, E'ra, Jooblie, Skatastrophe and basically every other IBM member that you see running around

Requirements to be considered for membership (such as faction, profession, attitude, etc.): be friendly, be willing to help others and you will receive a  lot of help too! have some humor, be imperial or neutral  (for bh's: imperial hunt is  a  big NONO)...profession: doesnt matter, we in general welcome every prof. be communicative and try to do stuff with guildies together, we are sort of a family here in IBM and we enjoy talking with each other , pvping together, we run heroics and Hoth, do quests together and make sure everybody can get what they need. some are into space too 

respect your guild mates and try to keep drama elsewhere

Last but not least: DO NOT TRASHTALK!

We are happy about our reputation and we dont wish for it to change

You think you match in?

Well then feel welcomed to contact us!

Ingame or through this page... both appreciated!


Cerene Fai'th

Guild Leader
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Cerene Faith, Nov 13, 10 7:26 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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